Hi! I'm Mike and I shoot people, for a small fee, of course.

It is a talent and skill that I have honed over the last few years. I take great pride in doing this successfully, skillfully, and as conveniently and painlessly as possible. I've gotten really good at it. In fact, I never miss.

Sometimes, I get hired to shoot just one person. Other times, a whole family has to be shot. Then there are those people so crazy in love they just want me to shoot them together. I'll shoot anyone, anywhere: in their homes, outdoors, in the street, where they work... Sometimes they know I'm going to shoot them; occasionally, it comes as a big surprise. Regardless, my aim is true.

I love being a photographer (just what kind of shooting did you think I meant?). I make my sessions fun because when you are happy and having fun, you will be sure to look your best and that's what you, and people you show, will see when they look at my pictures of you.

If you are interested to have me shoot you or someone else, check out my rates and head over to the contract (ummm... contact) page and we'll set things up!